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We’re here to help you find the perfect part for your bike

Just Dirt Bikes of Derrimut Victoria have been established for over ten years now. In this time they have established a reputation as the place to visit if you are seeking anything to do with dirt bikes.

Vince and Tony have rapidly built a successful and well-respected business catering exclusively to motor cross and road/trail bikes. Just Dirt Bikes incorporate wrecking, repairs and sales of all Dirt, Road and Trail Motorcycles.
They specialise in selling quality used bikes and provide full workshop facilities with repairs carried out by a qualified mechanic. For this reason, Just Dirt Bikes offer a full warranty and guarantee on all repairs.
Just Dirt Bikes deliver anywhere in Australia and also has access to over 100 wreckers Australia-wide. Being specialists in dirt bikes they also offer race preparation work and performance enhancement. Of course, they also stock a huge selection of new and used parts, making Just Dirt Bikes your truly “one-stop motorcycle shop”.

justdirtbikes.com.au was established in 1997. We are a team of two, Tony and Vince – specialist small engine mechanic and IT specialist combined with a passion for motorcycles.

Vince has been working on motorcycles since he was young and his dad would often take him to the bike shop to help out with maintenance, cleaning, and general workshop duties. He continued these activities into his teenage years where he was often found hanging around the shop while the mechanics were repairing bikes being returned from track days. This was where he gained the most experience and the ability to work on any bike, be it a dirt bike or sports motorcycle and everything in between.

Tony was working for a major Australian software company and joined Vince to help establish Just Dirt Bikes in 1997, Tony has become increasingly interested in motorbikes especially enduro motorcycle riding and performance setups. Their passion for motorcycles grew into a thriving business and genuine motorcycle online motorcycle store incorporating motorcycle wrecking and dismantling, motorcycle repairs and performance race preparation as well as supplying quality new and used accessories.


To this day, both of them still work on their own bikes, and try parts from different vendors and suppliers, as they are passionate about what they do, so as to give the best advice and opinion to their customers.

JustDirtBikes.com.au is a motorcycle dealership located in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in all things motorcycle, including new and used bikes, repairs, parts, and accessories.

Our parts store guarantees parts for your bike whenever you need them. We also stock a large number of used bikes for sale and provide full service to all the bikes we carry.

As a full-service motorcycle dealer, you can trust that JustDirtBikes will always be there for you with quality parts and service at all times.

At Just Dirt Bikes, we aim to provide the best service and quality parts available in the industry, without being too expensive like most other shops out there. With this in mind, we feel that our customers should be able to trust us with their bikes no matter what.

We are based in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.


We also sell an extensive range of new and used parts, which means that we can supply whatever you need for your motorbikes. So if you need to start up a project, then head over to our website and browse through it to choose one that suits you. From the project bikes to full restoration, we cover it all, including any parts or accessories you will need and we throw in our advice for free! If that’s not enough, we also offer Just Dirt Bikes wreckers service to assist with any of your projects. We have registered with over 100 wreckers Australia-wide, so if you want a specific part, we can find it for you, there is no charge for this service. We are specialists in dirt bikes, but our expertise extends to all types of motorcycles including the very popular scooters, so it means you can be sure that we can offer full service with quality parts for everything from dirt bikes to scooters.

If you’re looking for some more performance enhancement help from an expert team of mechanics. Then we also offer this service – no matter what kind of bike you ride. Our services extend beyond just the technical side, so if you’re looking for some accessories or just need parts, we can help you with that too.

Our hours of operation are: Monday-Friday: 10AM – 4PM

Due to putting in place our Covid safe action plan, we are only open by appointment only, please call us on the below numbers or send us an email tony@justdirtbikes.com.au, and we can book a time that suits you!

Need help? Call us on 03 9394 1184 or 0408795705
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Tony and Vince
JustDirtBikes – Motorcycle Shop Melbourne Victoria, Australia